Our Mission

WingBra is an intimate wear brand that proudly provides unique, invisible, and long lasting stick-on bras. Our mission is to create a beautiful outcome for women of all shapes and sizes. We believe that there is a "Goddess" inside every woman. We want our female peers to feel confident and comfortable when using our products on any occasion, whether for a wedding day, a fancy date, or an outing with friends! 

Our Designer

Tin Chen has over 20 years of experience as a professional stylist, working in various fashion shows such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and more. While working as a stylist, Tin noticed that to create the perfect looks for the runway shows, most of the models had to duct-tape their bodies when wearing low-necklines or backless styles. 

Over time, this method of “taping” left dark spots and caused allergic reactions. Being a woman herself, Tin felt the need to protect the female body, and thus, WingBra was born.

Our Product

All WingBra products are patent-protected. We strive to provide unique and long-lasting stick-on bras with high-grade silicone and other materials. Our products are made of medical grading and certified by TESTEX Switzerland and SGS Taiwan. The female body is beautiful but sensitive. We want to preserve the “goddess-like” beauty of the female body by creating a product that is easy to use, comfortable, and longer lasting.