Care Instructions

After each use, we recommend to wash your WingBra with clear soap or WingBra toxic-free cleaning mousse

For the LinkBra, after washing it, gently press the adhesive part to squeeze out water, and softly press the fabric side against a towel to soak up remaining moisture. Pick up the O-ring in the middle with your fingers and hang it over a hanger or a hook, let it dry overnight. 

View cleaning tutorial video here

For the Classic Wing, wash it throughly and leave it flat overnight to dry completely. Once completely dry, place the Classic Wing on the plastic panel as instructed, roll it up tightly and put back into container. 

If anytime you are feeling sweaty around the chest area or you feel like the bra is loosing its grip, remove WingBra products, and use wet wipes or paper towels to wipe off the area. After the chest area is dry, reapply your WingBra.

For more instructions, contact us at We are happy to share more tips to help you keep your WingBra in good condition!  

DOs and DON'Ts  (Just some good tips we'd like to share!)

1. DO make sure you wipe your chest area with wet wipes or paper towels before using any WingBra products.

2. DO try on WingBra products (only for the first time) for 15 mins to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

3. DO NOT use any skin care products, body cream, sunscreen, or body power before application. This will potentially damage the adhesiveness of the bra. 

4. DO NOT wear WingBra products when experiencing discomfort

5. DO NOT wear WingBra products continuously over 10 hours without removing it.

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