What Makes WingBra Different??

Curious about how WingBra differs from other silicone bras? Well, let's talk! We're going to try to break it down as easily as possible for you.

Our products can be used with various necklines, washable, 10x reusable compared to other silicone bras, and super adjustable (those with different boob size you can adjust our bras so they become "twins" instead of sisters):

A. LinkBra

- Can be used for all occasions, both special or as an every day bra.

- Lifts and supports

- A lightweight push up bra without the constraints of straps but still just as effective

- Relieves neck and shoulder pain from straps to create better posture

- Made with high medical grade silicone and in a clean room environment

B. Classic WingBra

- Great for those with dropped boobs, helps create a natural lift and support

- There is literally no bra out there that can achieve the plunging necklines like two of our Classic WingBra together. The two Classic WingBra together will help create a natural lift and support while still being invisible. It is super adjustable, the trick is to stick it to your body and your top or dress.

- Completely painless, but gives the same effect as duct tape

- Washable with water and soap

C. Classic WingBra + LinkBra

- If you combine these two, you will get the ultimate support and lift.

Let's be real though, we can talk as much as we'd like but it won't be the same as if you were to try it on yourself. It's a product that you HAVE TO feel and experience yourself, here's what one of our customers had to say when she tried the LinkBra:

"Hey!! How's it going? So I've tried out the bra! And I'm really impressed, it's such a far better experience than other sticky bras. The sticky doesn't make my skin itch and it doesn't peel off a layer of skin when I take it off. And the fit and feel is so comfortable, I forget that I'm wearing it. But most of all, I love how it keeps my boobs in place and perky all day without the unsightly straps and poking wire and unhealthy pinching around my body! It's better than braless!"

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