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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

So, let's talk about self-love. What is it? Do we have enough of it? In our current fast paced society, we often forget to ask ourselves these two questions. With the abundant growth in Social Media, we get lost into this space where we are constantly comparing ourselves. We forget to stop and think if what we are doing is good for our body and we end up asking negative questions such as, "Am I good enough?" How do I make myself look like THAT? At WingBra, we want to remind you that to receive the love you desire, you must first love YOURSELF! Our dedication to self-love is what motivates us to create products and partnerships that promotes self-care because there is not enough in this world.

On September 29th, we will be doing a pop up with "Firmhands," a local massage business in Long Beach, California. We chose to partner with Firmhands because of the way they take care of their customers. Similar to us, they deal with sensitive body parts and help people feel better so they can be the best version of themselves. If you find some time in your schedule, stop by and treat yourself to a day solely focused on self-care, get yourself a nice deep tissues massage and learn more about our products. We will have a special promotion for anyone that either schedules an appointment with Firmhands or purchase any of our WingBra products.

We hope to see you there, cheers to creating a day filled with self-love!

❤ WingBra USA

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