Plus⁺ Kit

Plus⁺ Kit

If you have heared and tried our LinkBra, Plus⁺ Kit is a great way to own LinkBras in both nude and black to cover most of your outfits matching needs. LinkBra can be used for all occasions, both special or as an every day bra. It provides great lifts and supports. This 5oz lightweight push up bra without the constraints of straps but still just as effective, it relieves neck and shoulder pain from straps to create better posture. It's made with high medical grade silicone and in a clean room environment. Please handwash with soap and water, and air dry to make the adhesive part last longer. 


Color Includes:  LinkBra Nude x1 & LinkBra Black x1 (any size)

*For size recommendations, please refer to our size chart.

WingBra LinkBra Contents: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex


Made in Taiwan

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