Link Bra 

Step 1: Before applying the Link Bra, align the center of the cup to your nipple and make sure to leave a finger gap between the bottom of your breast and the LinkBra. Start with your left breast, placing the left cup temporarily onto you while you properly adjust the right side.

Step 2: Using your left hand and 3 fingers, lift and pull your right breast in towards the link. Hold your right breast while you use your right hand to apply the right cup of the link bra. 

Step 3: Adjust the left breast to your desired lift using the right hand. 

Step 4: Once you have created the desired lift, cross your arms and press the LinkBra against your chest for at least 30 seconds.






*The silicone part of the Classic Wing works best with the heat emitting from the body’s temperature.
*Make sure your fingers are pressed against the outer edge when you are in the holding position.

Sizing: Link Bra comes in multiple cup sizes. Please refer to the size chart before purchasing.  

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