WingBra LinkBra 
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Step 1: Start with the left side of your chest. Pick up the LinkBra from the O-ring. Hold up the left cup first, turn the cup sideways, leave a one-finger gap (two-fingers gap for C cup and up) at the bottom of your breast. Align the center tip of your LinkBra barely enough to cover your areola. Press the LinkBra onto your left bosom. The bra should hang down from your chest almost vertically without you holding on to it.  

Step 2: Use your left hand to lift and pull your right bosom towards the center. You can decide how close you would like your breast to be. Hold your right bosom with your left hand, leave a two-finger gap (three-fingers gap for C cup and up) at the bottom of your right bosom. Use your right hand to apply the loose cup onto your right bosom. Press the cup down.

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Step 3: You may have to adjust the LinkBra couple of times to achieve the ideal result. Be careful when reapplying the cups, avoid touching the adhesive area too much. The LinkBra may sit higher when you first apply it to your body. That is perfectly normal. Your breast and gravity will pull the LinkBra slightly lower after few minutes.

Step 4: Once you reach the desired fit, cross your arms and press the LinkBra against your chest for at least 30 seconds. Make sure your fingers are pressed against the outer edge when you are in the holding position. The silicone gal works best with the heat emitting from the body's temperature. You will feel the LinkBra stays on your chest better after this step. 

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Sizing: Link Bra comes in multiple cup sizes. Please refer to the size chart before purchasing.